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Product Design + Creative Direction

Selected Work

a — Creative Director / Design Designer  Raden

b — Lead Designer  Citra Labs

c — Lead Product Designer  wynd


Creative Director / Design Designer

2017 — 2018

Raden was a smart luggage company; i.e., luggage with an integrated removable battery you can use to charge devices via USB and an accompanying mobile app you can use to weigh your luggage. I joined the team in early 2017, about 12 months after Raden's launch, as their first in-house product designer and creative. This eventually turned into a creative director / design director role.

When I initially joined the team my primary role was as product designer — leading the direction of the iOS application and helping plan both the short-term and long-term roadmaps. Within 2-3 months, I slowly took over all of the work previously being handled by the creative agency working with Raden since launch.

This additional work included higher-level brand and creative strategy alongside managing the production of day-to-day design (and front-end development) needs, including email marketing, designing & developing landing pages, front-end development for the e-commerce site, and so on. It also included zeroing in a more refined direction for the brand, and producing the necessary photo assets, either with selected photographers or myself, to steer the brand in this new direction.

The digital product at Raden was the mobile application. With fairly straightforward functionality — letting you pair your bag with the app, seeing the weight of your bag, and getting the charge status of the battery in the bag — the primary goal was to minimize the number of steps the user had to go through from opening the app to completing their objective, while also adding in new functionality that would encourage users to return to the app more often.

After initially iterating on and designing two new features for the app using customer data about the average Raden owner's demographics, interests, and locations frequently travelled to/from, we opted instead to develop a third product called the Raden Sticker Shop that would serve as both a marketing initiative and a digital experience centered around individual customization of bags using stickers designed by both Raden and selected partners.

Leading the design and direction of the Raden Sticker Shop digital and physical products, I designed the full feature for iOS, intentionally keeping the interface resembling a simplified e-commerce model to accommodate for features further down the roadmap, while also selecting the artists and brands we worked with and designing the Raden-branded stickers as well as the associated packaging and inserts.

We organized our tasks on Trello and whiteboarded, did user research with existing customer data from the app and the e-commerce shop, sketched (on paper), wireframed (in Sketch), designed (in Sketch), prototyped (in Flinto), designed icons (in Illustrator), and shared everything with the team to get feedback (with Zeplin). After 2-3 months of iterating, we released version 2.0 of the Raden app (with the Raden Sticker Shop & other new features) in November 2017.

Citra Labs

Lead Designer


Citra Labs was a joint partnership consisting of Justin (backend development), Jon (iOS development), and myself (product design & identity). We formed in late 2016. Pineapple and Trailer are the initial two products we were working on.

Pineapple is an app to help you locate and discover food trucks in your area. Truck owners mark themselves as "open for business" once they've set their truck up at a location, and their truck is then displayed on a map alongside other trucks in the area. A user checks the app to see where the truck is, how long it's expected to be there, and what's on the menu for the day, rather than relying on some combination of Twitter, Yelp, the truck's website, and other non-comprehensive platforms.

Trailer is an app to help you track the packages from all of your online orders automatically. By integrating with the handful of major e-commerce platforms in the US market, Trailer detects when you've made a purchase online and adds the order's associated tracking number, as well as package details and other related data, to your Trailer for easy and simple tracking.

Both Pineapple and Trailer are currently in the development phase. Together, Justin, Jon and I have gone through the initial stages of defining the target user's demographics, and have put together most of the strategy necessary to develop and launch the two products. This includes doing a competitive analysis of similar businesses, mapping out user flows, and developing a business strategy.

We're organizing tasks on Trello, mapping user flows (in Keynote), wireframing (in Balsamiq Mockups), designing (in Sketch), and prototyping (in InVision and Flinto).


Lead Product Designer


wynd is a shipping and logistics company with an iOS app and e-commerce plugin that allows both consumers & businesses to send items anywhere for less money and less effort than any other shipping provider. I was a part of the wynd team from early 2015 to late 2016, joining as the first in-house designer and eventually leading a full rebrand of the company and full redesign of the digital products.

When I joined the team at wynd, they were gearing up for the initial launch for their first digital product — an iOS application that would allow you to ship items by requesting a courier to your location, allowing either same-day delivery in New York City or standard and expedited shipping everywhere else. I was brought in to complete the design of the remaining pieces of the iOS application and develop assets for the website.

As time went on, I took on the responsibilities of implementing a rebrand, encompassing everything from creative strategy to creating a logo to designing and developing a new website, as well as leading a full redesign of the mobile application and introducing long-requested B2B and internal tools.

The wynd app for iOS allows you to ship items anywhere without any packing or preparation. You just take a photo of the item, note the dimensions and weight, and choose a shipping method. Once you add all your packages to your shipping list, you request a pickup and a courier is dispatched to pick up the items from your location, and you're be able to track the courier on a map as they make their way to you.

The full redesign of the app took about 4-5 months, and was done alongside the creation of a new brand identity and new website. We organized tasks on Trello, whiteboarded user scenarios and drew flow-charts, mapped out timelines (on Asana and Instagantt), wireframed (in Sketch), designed (in Sketch), prototyped (in InVision and Flinto), and iterated through weekly product sprints.

Amardeep is a product designer / creative director / front-end developer (creative technologist?) living in New York City. He's available for full-time & contract work worldwide.

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