Amardeep S.

I'm a product designer / creative director / front-end developer (creative technologist?) living in New York City.


I've worked on a number of different products (listed below), and have outlined some of them as case studies here.


Senior UX Designer

2018 — Current

Marcel is an internal collaboration tool for Publicis Groupe, built to facilitate communication, encourage collaboration, and enable professional development for the 80,000+ employees worldwide. I joined a team of 10–15 designers at Publicis Sapient mid–2018 to work on new features in preparation for launch.


Creative Director / Design Designer

2017 — 2018

Raden was a smart luggage company; i.e., luggage with an integrated removable battery you can use to charge devices via USB and an accompanying mobile app you can use to weigh your luggage. I joined the team in early 2017, about 12 months after Raden's launch, as their first in-house product designer and creative. This eventually turned into a creative director / design director role.

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Citra Labs

Lead Designer


Citra Labs was a joint partnership consisting of Justin (backend development), Jon (iOS development), and myself (product design & identity). We formed in late 2016. Pineapple and Trailer are the initial two products we were working on.

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Lead Product Designer

2015 — 2016

wynd is a shipping and logistics company with an iOS app and e-commerce plugin that allows both consumers & businesses to send items anywhere for less money and less effort than any other shipping provider. I was a part of the wynd team from early 2015 to late 2016, joining as the first in-house designer and eventually leading a full rebrand of the company and full redesign of the digital products.

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I've also worked on a bunch of other projects, either for clients, for friends, or for myself —

And lastly, I'm online elsewhere — mostly collecting web on and also posting photos on Instagram.