Amardeep S.

I’m a product designer, occasional front-end developer, & photographer.
I’m in New York City.
Say hello through email or scroll down to see some of my work here on the internet.

Currently I'm

  • fleshing out public-facing ideas via Post Post Works
  • teaching myself Python 🐍
  • designing 2 iOS apps, to be released later this year
  • maintaining a newsletter, Wild Times
  • making a photo book, to be released late 2016 / early 2017
  • working on various freelance design projects

Recently I

  • did photo work for New Balance (November 2016)
  • made a zine, Screenthoughts, Volume 1, for Post Post Works (November 2016)
  • started ideating on a barter-based design micro-studio, Studio Free (September 2016)
  • created a website for my newsletter, Wild Times (August 2016)
  • designed & laid out a (very good) photo book by Eric Chakeen (August 2016)
  • did photo work for Protein (August 2016)

Previous Work

1 – Product designer at wynd

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I was the product designer at wynd from March 2015 to August 2016. I created & implemented a full brand redesign, created a new UI for the iOS app from the ground up, and designed & developed the current website + internal tools. I also created Talking Shop, a blog.

2 – Designer + developer for H. Stockton

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Created the first (& the current) e-commerce shop for H. Stockton, a menswear retailer with a few storefronts in Atlanta, founded in 1963.

4 – Designer for about a Pond Osaka

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Designed the current e-commerce shop for about a Pond, an Osaka-based high-end menswear and womenswear used clothing store.

Previous Work

Photo work is detailed in this portfolio site.

Clients I've done work for include

Photobooks & zines I've made are

Misc Works / In-Progress

Some other projects I've worked on or am working on are

  • 2015’s Top 20 – A list of 20 selected songs from 2015, from Chris Black and myself
  • trade-paper – A platform to trade magazines & independent publications. Currently: in development; seeking a back-end dev (Rails, Django, Clojure, or other) to help finish this
  • Untitled – a simple reference guide of sorts for food items. Currently: in planning

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