Amardeep Singh

Design & direction

New York, NY


Senior UX Designer at Publicis Sapient, working on Marcel

Running Post Post Works, a small publishing house and merch shop

Working on Studio Free, a strictly barter-based design & dev shop I'm trying to get off the ground

Poorly maintaining Wild Times, a newsletter of mostly articles that I think are worth reading

Making a more concerted effort to get through my books-to-read list


Development on Into the Well by Ryan Willms

Design work for Rimowa

Design and development on 2018's Top 20, a list of songs that my friend Chris & I liked from the whole calendar year

Designed and published Fantastic Men by Chris Black, via Post Post Works

Published New York Street Style by Sirui Ma, via Post Post Works

Designed and published Tour by Cobey Arner, via Post Post Works

Designed and developed a site for Done to Death Projects

Design and development on 2017's Top 20

Designed and published Reflections on Indoor Living by Guy Ferguson, via Post Post Works

Designed Evel Comes to Coopersville a photo zine, for Oklahoma Modernism Weekend 2017

Designed String Bean a food zine, for the NY Food Book Fair 2017

Designed some merch for A24

Directed & edited video shorts for Gap's #IAmGapStore UK campaign

Development on a portfolio site for Ryan Willms

Designed graphics and shot photo for the launch of the New Balance RunIQ smartwatch

Work History — Design

Design work is detailed in a portfolio site.

Work History — Photo

Photo work is detailed in a portfolio site.

Misc. Links

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